Friday, October 8, 2010

Is Insurance an Expense of an Income?

When you hear insurance, what exactly cross your mind? Do you think expense? But do you know that insurance can an income to you? Shocked to hear that? Don't be, an insurance policy that you take can help protect your asset from loss believe it or not. Let's look at this scenario, you bought a car for a Fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00) and insured it with an embarrassing amount of Seven Hundred and Fifty dollars ($750.00)!  However, it happened that robbers stole the car while packed in you garage, then what do you do? Simple, call your insurance company and report the claim, with full proof and documentation. I bet you if you deal with the right insurance company, you'll be bought another car! No strings attached, no hassles, no excuses. The looking at it well you have another brand new car to replace the lost one. Get an INSURANCE POLICY TODAY!

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