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US legal profession - American Immigration Lawyers

US legal profession - American Immigration Lawyers

US legal profession As in many countries around the world, including the legal profession in the United States the legal profession, the legal experts of the business, legal expert of the administrative offices, teaching in schools law, judges or prosecutors. In it, a lawyer in the US is considered popular and highest salary so many people want to become a lawyer.

1. Occupation Lawyer very popular and high wages but less success
There are many reasons to explain the problem a large team of lawyers and the highest wages in the United States. First, the United States is a popular country in the world litigation should be the number of attorneys in the United States great. People can sue any of the problems they see needs the intervention of the law. Second, even if they did not matter against whom, many transactions in society needs through a lawyer if you want to be sure. You need a lawyer from the very small, such as traffic violations, tax, until the divorce, inheritance, these types of transactions under contract ... Of course, the cost of hiring a lawyer is very high. For example, you vegetarian speeding allows arrested by police and you want a lawyer to the cost, depending on the severity and the state in which you violate at least cost ranges from $ 300 or more.
According to a survey by the American Bar Association (ABA), just over 50% of lawyers with professional satisfaction. Among the lawyers with 6-9 years experience, only 4/10 lawyer said they were satisfied with their careers, with those practicing lawyer for 10 years or more, the ratio is 6/10 . Of the nearly 800 respondents, 80% say they are very proud of their careers, 81% commented that this profession requires a lot of intelligence.

These figures show that only lawyers with professional satisfaction as we get older, simply because when the development, they need to have more responsibility to maintain the prestige as well as use it as a guarantee for the other career change after a few years. However, only 42% of practicing lawyers from 10 years or more young people choosing a career recommendations law, practicing lawyers with less than 3 years, the rate is 57%.

A lot of lawyers underestimated training law students in the United States, 54% of lawyers were asked to agree to receive training in law schools is very poor. law students are not well informed about the needs of the profession.

Many experts also warned about the ethics of lawyers. In recent years, increased litigation expenses, more and more unfair expression between the lawyers together, experts say the cause is so rooted in the competition to win customers. That led to the attorneys concerned about money than their main job is to solve problems for customers. "They set a goal to win at all costs, leading to behave" lack polite "together and push the process further costly litigation money".
2. Conditions to become a lawyer in the US
In the United States there is no distinction between counsel and defense lawyers. Usually they are called lawyer, even when defense attorney called. Lawyers operate under the control of the Supreme Court of a State in which they practice. Other than those teaching at the law school and corporate lawyers are not under the control of the court, but almost always as a member of the State Bar Association of something, not necessarily the State where they work.

Conditions to become a lawyer in the State are not the same. A person is admitted as a lawyer in the State, only the State practice in that, and before the Federal Court. Every lawyer can be registered on the list lawyers (and pay a tax of not very big). Currently, in many states, the law practice wants to be accepted through examinations held under the control of the court. At ¾ of State in the United States, have a university degree is a necessary condition but not sufficient to become a lawyer.

The majority of American lawyers practice in the name of individuals (70%) or associated with only one other colleague (15%). However, in the big cities, lawyers are often working in a law office consists of approximately 10 to 200 lawyers. A small number of specialized lawyers under litigation lawyer, engaged in the proceedings before the trial (interrogation and counter-offer) in civil cases and criminal. Some other similar subjects of French lawyers. The remaining majority of lawyers operating outside the areas of litigation, performed a similar role as notaries, legal advisors, tax advisors. A lot of lawyers are employed in administrative agencies, State enterprises or private.

However, to become a lawyer is not easy. Most states are required to have law degrees as a prerequisite (some states do not require a law degree as California, Maine, New York, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Wyoming, and they can when doing self-study internship in certain law offices). The current trend is towards fewer people study to become a lawyer and, of course, to be admitted and complete the program lawyer is not easy at all.
3. Training in the US attorney
Not as in Vietnam, the legal profession requires a degree, ie you have graduated from college. More specifically, the American university degree, Bachelor of Laws. The annual prestigious law school received many applications from candidates were Dr. in a certain sector and want to change their job as a lawyer. Admission Council will be based on the scores (average score of the course, the location of each course) that you have studied, letters of recommendation, the article introduces himself, ... and an entrance exam ( depending on each case). Although input test score is not completely accurate measure of the ability of reasoning needed a lawyer but schools usually set relatively large weighting for this examination.

Methods of teaching - American law school is very different from the methods of the schools in France and in England. Students must read the material before class (at the request of Professor). Documents include: the judgments, legislation, legal doctrine (excerpt), some economic posts and sociology. In most of the classes, the methods we use rhetoric, according to which students work in teams under the guidance of professors, presentation on what they have read, the problems that they are aware of professor will ask questions to the students, to make them discover the relationship between research issues and related matters.

Time usually 3 years of law school focus, the volume of homework more extreme laws. Students must read the law, case law, and wrote the commentary ... Also, most law students to learn through the years teaching writing skills to be able to write articles for a law magazine properly (there is also the a learning process and become familiar). Large volumes homework but the extracurricular activities of the law schools in the United States still accounted for a significant priority for writing to prepare for future practice. They must actively participate in the trial maneuvers, or as editor of the law journal for students, free legal advice to the community ... Some schools (such as the Harvard Law School) required students to do 40-hour free consultation for the community as a condition of graduation. Graduates are licensed for law practice.

However, lawyers are not granted by default is to be able to practice. Those listed as a lawyer was to undergo a test to be accepted into the union lawyer. All states have specified all potential lawyer (whether or not by lawyers as required by some states in the US) have to pass on a certain lawyer, the new union law practice .

Also, in the US tend to combine theoretical training with training in law university programs. Accordingly, law school graduates just past short probationary period can work. This training is very different way than the way of training in European countries (often legal training in basic undergraduate programs and graduate students can not afford to practice immediately and those who wish to undergo practice a vocational training course).
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