Monday, November 14, 2016

Car insurance in the US

 Your questions about insurance of automobiles in the US

I wanted to practice driving exam, but the DMV says must have insurance, I could not compete. I do not have a car, so I do not know how to buy insurance.

Dear brothers and sisters!

Kids new to the US, due to lack of understanding of the laws in the US, are looking forward to him / her advice. Kids in North Carolina. I have to pass driving theory in America. I really want to take the exam to practice driving, but the DMV says must have insurance will you be driving practice exam. I do not have a car, so I do not know how to buy insurance, buy Where, and how much cost me?

I have asked my friend to borrow the car to take the exam, but my friend said that if I have to add so your insurance in your name again, I do not want to disturb my friend, so I want to buy insurance, but that kind of protection no insurance for the car, so I can take the exam to practice driving. Because I want to pass a driver's license and then I will buy a car and then a decent insurance for my car.

I also asked an acquaintance, notes that say you have to have insurance, the new car is, is that right so no sir, I'm only buying a used car only. I now do not go, then I'll have a car to get a job. I do not know if it was because you were not going to do so you must have car insurance before buying it?

Now, I do not know what to buy insurance in case you do not have such vehicles, the company does sell, because you learn a few types of insurance see "auto insurance" it requires you to have the new car for the price you that you have to buy insurance, and no price for the license test car wanted me as much, and the period for insurance contracts is generally how long?

Ask him / her to help consultants and commenting!

Sincerely thank!
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